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Access to Mental Health Care

Better care. Better coverage. Access for all.

We have been working as a country to figure out how to get health care for our most vulnerable populations and yet, as we begin to fill that need, we still see long waits and limited coverage for access to mental health care.

The simple yet critical act of taking care of our mental health needs through a well check with a mental health counselor or physician keeps us mentally healthy which means we can be successful at work and our kids can be successful in school.  When we can’t access mental healthcare, we lose days of work and our children begin a lifetime of struggling. Early intervention keeps us moving forward.

We have made progress expanding access to mental health services in Colorado, but there is still a lot of work to do in increase access to mental health care and continue to build systems that can meet the needs of our community.

Economic Development and Cost of Living

Economic Development and Cost of Living Adams County and Colorado

My husband and I are entrepreneurs. We believe that the path to economic growth and development in our state is through supporting local business to thrive and be in the position to create jobs which pay a good living wage.

We also know that the pandemic took a lot from all of us. Even though the economy is recovering, prices are still high for everyday products, and we all feel more squeezed. As our district keeps growing, we need to continue to support our local businesses, fight for fair wages and affordable housing. This is how we make sure nobody is left behind.


Colorado Education Opportunities for the 21st Century

I am a mother, I am a mentor in our schools, and I am an advocate for our youth who struggle in school. I believe in our neighborhood schools and in the teachers who are the front line to identify and support the special learning needs in all of our children.

Working together, we will find the path toward supporting the needs of our neighborhood schools so they can meet the needs of our neighborhood youth.


Advocating for All Veterans for Our Community

I come from a long line of family members who have served our country.

My grandfather was a US Army medic in WWII.
My father served in the US Navy during Vietnam.
My husband served in the US Air Force during Operation Desert Storm.
Today my step-son is currently serving with the US Marines.

I am grateful for their service as I am for the service of all who serve. We can continue to show gratitude by serving the needs of our veterans when they come home. Our young men and women who come out after one or two tours of duty need our support to re-integrate with peers who have not experienced the realities of serving in our armed forces.
They deserve an advocate and champion and  for our community to stand behind them.


Equal Opportunity For All

Too often, there are basic needs not being met in Colorado because essential services have only been accessible in English. This includes emergency services, mental healthcare, education, and more. This is not reflective of our community.

 After hearing feedback from the community, an important priority of mine is addressing the services that are still available only in English, such as certification of certain trades. It is important that well-qualified folks not be held back simply because certain services have not changed in decades.