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Colorado is a caucus state for Democrats! If you are new to caucusing, or just looking for a refresher, here is what you need to know.
First step know your precinct. Caucusing happens by precinct. This program on the Colorado Secretary of State website will give you all the information you need to know about your precinct and other important voter data. It will take about 90 seconds to complete:
Now you know your precinct number, here’s how to find out where to go on March 1, 2016:
The caucusing starts at 7:00 but you’ll want to arrive by 6:30 to check in and register to caucus. Then the fun begins.
How the caucus helps me get elected:
In order to make it to the ballot I will need volunteers to commit to 2 days of the election process.
Those dates are:
March 1, 2016 – Caucus (Time commitment about 90 minutes-2 hours)
March 12, 2016 – County Assembly (Time commitment about 4 hours)
At the caucus democrats will be raising their hands for either Hillary, Bernie, or undecided. Following the count delegates will be nominated to attend the County Assembly.
At the County Assembly not only will we choose who Colorado would like on the top of the ballot, we will also be selecting all of the Adams County candidates for office. You will take part in determining who is on the ballot in November representing you as a democrat. I will need volunteers who are willing to come for about 4 hours on the 12th and raise their hands for me. The more hands the easier the path to the State Capitol!
For more details on what happens at Caucus and County Assembly follow this link:
Thank you so much for supporting my campaign for the Colorado House of Representatives. As always, feel free to call or email with any questions you may have!
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