Reflections on Charlottesville

I don’t remember the first time I saw a swastika. It feels like I always knew what it was and the guttural fear of the red, white, and black flag of the Nazis was very real for me. That symbol stood for the systematic destruction of my family in Europe. It was the symbol I saw when people wanted to identify with the ideology that dehumanized me and called for the eradication of me and […]

Saying Yes In a New Political Era

On Saturday, January 21, I took part in a global protest,the first such protest I had ever had the honor of participating in and the largest protest on record in my lifetime. And while the experience was tremendous , I will have you know that I did not say yes to participating right away. The candidate I  supported for President was not declared winner on November 8, 2016, and when rumors of a march began […]

Open Letter From Rep. Michaelson Jenet

THE HONORABLE DAFNA MICHAELSON JENET Colorado House District 30 It is bright and early January 12th. The second day of the 71st General Assembly. I am sitting in a quietly buzzing chamber as the diligent and efficient House Chamber clerks and Sergeants prepare for a busy day.  Prominently placed above the dais of the Speaker of the House is a stained-glass window depicting Barney L Ford, a former slave turned leader from Colorado. He serves […]